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iFA being core Financial Accounting Module it is easy to control and monitor the financial transactions even that of remote branch level. It supports work flow that enables process like request/approval/issue etc. The beauty of this financial accounting software is that it is capable of generating financial results such as branch wise, region wise and even consolidated reports of the company.
The financial accounting software includes a General Ledger module, an Accounts Payable module, an Accounts Receivable module, an Employee Portal, a Currency Management module, a Cash Management module, a Deferred Revenue module, a Fixed Assets module (sold separately), and a Tax Management module.



  • Ledger Groups and Heads Creation at Multi Level
  • Facility to enter different types of transactions. – Journal Entries, Receipts and Payments, Contra Entries etc.
  • Bank Reconciliation Facility
  • Automated posting of Inventory Transaction to Accounts Module and its reports. (Purchase, Sales, Stock Transfer etc.)
  • Day End Processing of Branch Sales and View at HO Level for accounts
  • Master Reports in Accounts – Account Heads, Ledger Groups etc.
  • Ledger Book, Group Balance etc.
  • Final Reports – Trial Balance, Trading & PL, and Balance sheet at MPMC Level.
  • Additional Reports for Final Verification of transactions.




  • Financial information to management and decision makers
  • Internal control to record transaction
  • Security
  • Standardized measure of business
  • Platform for other systems
  • Enhanced Cash Management 
  • Cost Reduction & Profit Maximization
  • Efficiency
  • Improve Service 
  • Improved Supply chain visibility and communication
  • React quickly to change

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