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iHealth24x7 - Health Care ERP Software or Hospital Erp Software which is designed for the organizations in healthcare sector such as Hospitals, Clinics, Private Practitioners, Pharmacy, and Clinical Laboratories. iHealth24x7 - Health Care ERP will help you to manage the entire process and functional activities of the organization in an efficient manner. 
Hospital management system for the organizations need smooth data and process flow starts from patient registration, consulting, diagnostic services, surgical procedures, pharmacy, room allocations, follow-up supports etc.  iHealth24x7 is competent to deliver excellent hospitality services to patients.
It is having modules for IP / OP Services and all the functional services across the organization. i.e. Patient Management, HR Management, Duty management, Stores & Purchases, Financials etc.  Online Patient registration module with card printing, electronic medical records (EMR) helps easy drill downs to the patient case history. Keeping track of patient health statistics will help the practitioner/doctor to guide patient through a proactive approach rather than a breakdown approach.
While hospitals are taking help of IT revolution with centralizing their processes with hospital management system and Hospital ERP, iHealth24x7 is one of the best solution available in the market.

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